Drawing inspiration from a deep connection with, and reverence for the wilderness, my work aims to touch a more primal element in the human psyche. Both ethereal and raw, I attempt to portray the animals in my drawings, not as generic archetypes of their species, but as individuals. Though deeply symbolic in appearance, I do not prescribe such symbols into my work, but rather allow these images to come to me as visions only to later try to decipher their meaning once complete.
Rarely do I ever come to a conclusive translation.
Much like the silent dialogue that occurs between body and nature when we step into the wild, art is also a language beyond words. 
The concept of the "Mysterium tremendum et fascinans", the terrible yet fascinating mystery, the sublime, the paralyzing feeling of awe, is something I hunt for in life and in my work. The inextricable relationship between life and death, beauty and fear, are common themes in my work.